indonesischer Politiker

Sukarno (1901-1970)Bearbeiten

indonesischer Politiker
ältere Schreibweise: Soekarno
eigentlich: Kusno Sosrodihardjo

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  • "Malaysia roh verschlingen." - Kampfparole während der Konfrontasi, der indonesischen Opposition gegen die Gründung Malaysias im Jahr 1963; Übersetzung: Wikiquote
  • "Selbst Ströme schöner Worte und Niagarafälle harter Dollars führen nur zu Enttäuschung, Verbitterung und gespannten Beziehungen, wenn sie nicht in richtiger Form verteilt werden. Wir begrüßen amerikanische Hilfe auf der Grundlage gegenseitigen Nutzens, aber wir sind fest entschlossen, uns nicht durch materielle Vorteile irgendeinen Sektor unserer schwer erkämpften Freiheit abkaufen zu lassen." - Rede vor beiden Häusern des Kongresses der USA am 17. Mai 1956; Der Spiegel: Sukarno - Der Zauberer, Heftausgabe vom 30. Mai 1956
  • (Englisch: "[...] no torrent of words, and no Niagara of dollars will produce anything but bitterness and disillusionment. We, who are living in Asia and Africa during this period of Asian and African nationalism, and particularly those of us who have been called upon to guide the destiny of nations, we ask that the rest of the world should show understanding and sympathy. [...] We will accept with the greatest appreciation any assistance that may come to us, from whatever quarter it may come, for that assistance will lighten our burdens and shorten our struggle. Such assistance is not one-sided but is of mutual benefit. [...] But, from whatever quarter of this divided globe that assistance comes, we are determined that no material advantage will buy from us any part of our hard-won freedom, for that freedom is more dear to us than the products which any country can give or sell. We welcome assistance on terms of mutual benefit. We reject the idea of exchanging intellectual and spiritual independence or physical liberty for momentary advantage." - Address to the joint session of the Congress of the United States, in: Toward Freedom and the Dignity of Man: a collection of five speeches. Dept. of Foreign Affairs Djakarta 1961. p. 26 - 34
  • "Nun gut, schlagt die Ratten tot. Aber zündet nicht das ganze Haus Indonesien an!" - "bei der letzten Unterredung zu [General] Nasution" über den Umgang mit der kommunistischen Partei nach deren Putschversuch vom 30. September 1965; Der Spiegel: Macht der Messer, Heftausgabe vom 3. Januar 1966
  • (English: In the initial period after the coup effort, Sukarno apparently hoped for an interval during which passions would die down. Early in December [1965] he adopted a new tack. In an address to the People's Consultative Congress, he went so far as to describe the Communists as "rats which have eaten a big part of the cake and tried to eat the pillar of our house." He added, "Now let's catch these rats, and I will punish them, but in catching the rats we should not burn the house." - Robert Shaplen: Time Out of Hand - Revolution and Reaction in Southeast Asia. Harper & Row, 1969. p. 128)


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